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Women's Suits

Our history of creating beautiful suits for ladies, combined with our stylist Kellies’ advice, will ensure your suit fits perfectly and compliments your presentation. We create all our garments in-house to ensure the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality trimmings.

The choice of fabric, cut and personal finishing touches available for bespoke tailored garments are immense. Our stylist and master tailors will provide advice and guidelines. Ultimately it is the choices you make that reflect your own unique style and individuality.

The result is clothing that is beautifully crafted, compliments your figure and truly reflects your personality.

Ladies tailored jackets

Imagine having a jacket tailored to your specifications that compliments your figure in a choice of beautiful fabrics. Our tailors have the skills to create the jacket you have always dreamed of wearing into a reality. Superb craftsmanship combined with your personal design details will make it a pleasure to wear.

The choice of fabric, cut and personal finishing touches available for your jacket are immense. Our stylist Kellie and master tailors will provide advice and guidelines. Ultimately it is the choices you make that reflect your own unique style and individuality.

We create all our tailored garments in-house to ensure the quality of craftsmanship and selection of trimmings. Small things like the choice of cotton thread can have a huge impact on your garments durability. We believe your investment in personal style should be lasting, which is why we hand stitch the details. The result is lasting tailored artistry.

The Carbone overcoat

A classically tailored overcoat is an investment in style and comfort for the cooler months. An overcoat custom tailored to suit your requirements is as unique as you are and will give you years of satisfaction.

Select from a collection of the finest coating fabric and experience the design and craftsmanship that only our master tailors provide. Pure cashmeres, wools and baby alpacas provide natural warmth, whilst allowing your body to breathe in luxurious comfort.

Your bespoke stylist

You have your own personal style; it is expresses who you are. Our stylists’ task is to guide you in the choice of cut, colour, fabric and myriad details to create your ideal tailored statement.

Whether your vision is for the sublime or a practical business suit, our stylist will make it a reality that you will love wearing. Bespoke tailoring can enhance your figure and offers personal details that are uniquely yours.

Kellie Carbone has been offering styling advice for over twenty years. Having been formally trained in art and design provides her with insights into using form, colour and texture to compliment your features. Her studies in life drawing have trained her eye for anatomy, which can be clothed to accentuate its beauty.

Drawing inspiration from a world of art, together with a deep knowledge of the tailored workmanship, makes Kellie the ideal style consultant.

The finest choice

Dominic Carbone has established a reputation over the decades as Melbourne’s premium tailor for gentlemen’s and ladies suits.

His clients range from businessmen, athletes, entertainers, grooms&wedding parties, to graduates acquiring their first suit or clientele seeking fine bespoke occasion wear.

The Carbone Guarantee

Our promise to you

It’s all about you. From the first measurement to your personalised pattern. The precise cutting of cloth from the world’s best mills to the hours of expert stitching. From your first fitting to the minuscule adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

Each moment is about you. All in-house. That’s our promise and our difference. Bespoke tailoring puts you at the centre. Master Tailor Domenic Carbone is one of the rare few in Australia. It’s a craft that can’t be replicated by cutting corners. No offshoring. No outsourced factories.

And at your final fitting, when you see and feel the result, you’ll understand why we remain true to our promise. Our promise to every single customer.

Enjoy the experience

There’s no better feeling than being measured up for the suit or garment of your dreams.

Our stylists and master tailors will advise you on the style, fabric and colour that will be perfect for you. Our sartoria (tailors studio) provides a very relaxed and friendly environment to discuss your tailoring requirements.

Our decades of experience in tailoring suits of all varieties will ensure you have an enjoyable and stress-free time whilst having your suit measured and made.